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        international group
        Established in 1999,
        we are a corporation devoting all intelligence and passion to fashion creativity and innovation

        We deliver a range of fashion and lifestyle services

        We are dedicated to the perfect integration of arts and businesses, the establishment of fashionable and
        artistics brands, the delivery of omni-channel fashion services and the creation of new digital fashion experiences.
        JACKY XU, Chairman and CEO of Trendy Group
        • 9fashion brands
        • over290cities
        • over3,000independent boutiques
        • over8,000employees
        About us
        In 2011, Trendy Group reached a strategic investment agreement with L Capital Asia, the subsidiary investment fund platform of French luxury goods giant LVMH, and began to extend its businesses to diversified lifestyle services. Then in 2015, Trendy Group and the British company SuperGroup Plc pooled capital to introduce Superdry, the world-renowned metropolitan fashion band, into China. Trendy Group has been committed to achieving the perfect integration of arts and businesses, to establishing a digital sales network and an omni-channel shopping environment that enables interaction with consumers, and to providing consumers with comprehensive, premium lifestyle services.
        About us
        Founded in 1999, Trendy Group ("Trendy Group") has grown into an international fashion conglomerate that possesses a rich portfolio of fashion brands and has set up over 3,000 boutiques in more than 290 cities all over the world. Under the umbrella of Trendy Group are famous fashion brands such as Ochirly, Five Plus, COVEN GARDEN, TRENDIANO and fashion brands of the Italian house SIXTY GROUP - MISS SIXTY, Killah and ENERGIE.